Natural Spirits brings a revolutionary breakthrough in how your body breaks down the alcohol with the aid of Natural Herbs

It has been developed after extensive research by an award winning herbal (ayurvedic) medical practioner, Dr. Ballapuram Amarnath, infusing meticulously selected herbs into natural distilled spirits.

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  • 100% American Bourbon Whiskey is matured in Oak Barrels and infused with 16 natural botanicals, imparting it an exceptional mellowness and drinkability with a fruity aroma.

    Strong, Smooth, Unique.
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  • Treat your taste buds to the alluring flavor of this Premium Quality Vodka with Natural Flavors. Made from Superlative American Grains, six times distilled and infused with layers of Honey and selected natural botanicals, Bio Club shall provide you with a refreshing and exceptionally rich drinking experience with a remarkably smooth finish

    Smooth, Rich, Lively
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  • This classic blend of Cane spirits is infused with 16 Natural Botanicals imparting it a distinctive bold flavor, a spicy and fruity aroma giving you an unparalleled drinking experience and making it a perfect drink for all seasons.

    Unique, Magical, Mysterious, like nothing else...
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Natural Spirits
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